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Systemwide Seismic Peer Review Agreements

Peer Review Member
Associated Firm
Contact Phone
Peer Review
Service Order
(Exhibit A)
John (Trailer) Martin
John A. Martin & Associates, Inc
(213) 483-6490
CO, CI, FL, PO, SD 150028.A 150028
Theodore C. Zsutty, Ph.D.
Theodore C. Zsutty
(408) 265-8518
MB, Moss, SJ 150032.A 150032
Charles Thiel Jr., Ph.D.
(509) 529-5350
MA, SF 150031.A 150031
Richard Niewiarowski, S.E.
Richard Niewiarowski
(925) 937-0417
CH, EB, SO, ST 150029.A 150029
Thomas A. Sabol, Ph.D., S.E.
Englekirk Institutional
(323) 733-6673
DH, LA, NO, SLO 150027.A 150027
John Egan
SAGE Engineers, Inc.
(510) 701-2266
Geotech 150030.A 150030
Maryann Phipps, S.E.
Estructure, Inc.
(510) 235-3116
FR, HU, SA 150017.A 150017
Dirk Bondy, S.E.
Seneca Structural Engineering, Inc.
(949) 595-8182
BA, LB, SB, SM 150312.A 150312

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