State University Administrative Manual
Appendix B: Facilities Planning

The forms listed below are in Excel (.xls) format except where noted.
The instructions are in Word (.doc) format.




CPDC 1-1 / Instr

Five-Year Facilities Renewal and Capital Improvement Plan

May 2019

CPDC 1-3 / Instr

Project Summary Worksheet, State Funded


CPDC 1-4 (.doc)

Project Description

August 2016

CPDC 1-4 Outyear (.doc)

Concept Project Description - Outyear

August 2016

CPDC 1-4 (.doc)

Infrastructure Improvements

August 2016

CPDC 1-4.5 (.xlsx)

GHG Emissions Worksheet

September 2016

CPDC 2-1 / Instr

Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment Distribution, State Funded


CPDC 2-2 / Instr

Enrollment Distribution by Level and Category of Instruction, State Funded


CPDC 2-3

Calculation of Space Requirement for Instructional Projects, State Funded

May 2015

CPDC 2-4

Summary of Space Requirement for a Building, State Funded


CPDC 2-6 (.doc)

Room Specifications, State Funded


CPDC 2-6.5

Budget Composite Matrix (included on the 2-7)


CPDC 2-7 (.xlsx)

Capital Outlay Estimate, State and Campus Funded (2020-2021) CCCI 7197

July 2019

CPDC 2-7.5 (.xls)

Summary of Cost Components, State Funded

September 2013

CPDC 2-8 (.doc)

Energy and Utilities Planning Checklist (included on the 2-7)

September 2009

CPDC 2-9

Space Calculation for Library, State Funded


CPDC 2-17 (.doc)

Program Justification for Student Housing, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-18 (.doc)

Program Justification for Student Housing Dining Facilities, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-19 (.doc)

Program Justification for University Center or Student Union, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-20 (.doc)

Program Justification for Health Center, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-21 (.doc)

Program Justification for Specifications for Parking Facilities, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-22 (.doc)

Program Justification for Specifications for Other Buildings and Facilities, Non-State Funded


CPDC 2-23 / Example

Group II Equipment List, State Funded


CPDC 2-24 / Instr

Group II Equipment Adjustment List - Student Access Computing And Telecom Equipment, State Funded


CPDC 2-30 (.xls)

Minor Capital Outlay Projects


CPDC 2-30PA (.xls)

Minor Capital Outlay Post Audit


CPDC 2-31 (.xls)

Minor Capital Outlay Space Changes for Proposed Projects


CPDC 2-32 (.xls)

Utility Project Proposal

July 2015

CPDC 3-1

Project Area Summary, State Funded


CPDC 3-2 (.xls)

Project Savings, State Funded

September 2009

CPDC 3-2AP (.xlsx)

Project Savings, CSU Bond Funded

March 2016

CPDC 4-1

Custodial and Farm Space Campus Worksheet

April 2011

CPDC 4-2 (.docx)

Facility Information Sheet

March 2018

CPDC 4-3 (.xls)

Space And Facility Database Worksheet


CPDC 4-4 (.doc)

Research Projects in Tax-Exempt Bond Funded Facilities

May 2010



BOT Submittals Checklist (.xlsx)

March 2016

CPDC Cash Flow Form (.xlsx)

November 2016

Guidelines for Feasibility Study (Long Form) (.pdf)

May 2017

Infrastructure Improvements Transmittal Sheet (.xlsx)

July 2019

Major Capital Outlay Program List of Submittals(.pdf)

May 2017

Major Capital Projects Transmittal Sheet (.xls)

July 2019

Minor Master Plan Revision Checklist (.xls)

September 2012

Space Standards Chart (.doc)

May 2015