2012 CSU Facilities Management Conference

Keynote Speaker Dr. Lisa Barron

Get out of the Box with Lisa Barron!
Monday Evening, November 5
Dinner Keynote Address

A creativity course in business school may seem somewhat out of place, but Dr. Lisa Barron has long had an interest in creativity - her father was a writer and her mother is an artist - and she has been interested in helping herself and others develop the ability to think creatively. Lisa believes that there is tremendous benefit and joy in being able to use the brain to create, invent and solve problems. Research suggests that techniques and methods for thinking creatively can be learned and her creativity courses seek to help people accomplish this.

A faculty member of Organization and Management at The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, Lisa's teaching interests focus on creativity, negotiation, communication, and leadership. Lisa enjoys helping people learn to think in new ways that allow them to invent new options for their organizations, build and heal relationships, resolve conflicts, and create solutions to difficult problems.

Lisa Barron has taught negotiation and leadership techniques to members of large and small organizations including Microsoft, Medtronic, Ingram Micro, State Street, MicroSemi, and Boeing and to executives, career counselors, undergraduate and graduate students, academic staff and faculty. Her current personal consulting interest is in helping people become more effective leaders, communicators and problem-solvers.

Lisa's research has been published in the journals Human Relations, Career Development International, and Journal of Management Inquiry and has been written about or recognized in The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Glamour, The Huffington Post, and the Orange County Register. In addition, she has appeared on radio programs for WBUR, KNX, CBS and NPR.

Lisa has received sixteen teaching awards for both her negotiation and strategic communication courses. Lisa received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from The Anderson School at UCLA. In addition, she has an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA and a BA in Psychology and English from Stanford University.

What does it mean to think creatively? Can we really learn to think more creatively? Why is thinking creatively important? Are we naturally creative problem-solvers? Is resistance to being creative one of the barriers to successfully navigating transformational change? Being able to come up with new ideas and problem-solve can enhance relationships and build collaboration. Lisa Barron will address these questions and more when she presents at the 2012 CSU Facilities Management Conference. This interactive talk is designed to awaken the listener's brain to thinking creatively!