2012 CSU Facilities Management Conference

Emerging Technologies

Campus Fuel Cells – Practical Operating Examples | Monday, November 5, 10:40AM-12:00PM

Ed Johnson, Director of Sustainability & Utility Services, CSU San Marcos

Carl Salas, Principal, Salas O'Brien Engineers, Inc.
Chuck Meyer, Senior Director Facilities and Services Enterprises, San Francisco State University
Phil Westbrook, Chief Engineer/Energy Manager, CSU San Bernardino

Increasingly, fuel cell systems are being seen as making economic and environmental sense. This presentation will explore in detail the technical and financial aspects of three, separate, installed fuel cell systems. The session will investigate the growing commercialization of fuel cell technology, fuel cell systems acquisition costs, operating expenses, electrical output and systems efficiency comparisons. This session provides both an overview of fuel cell fundamentals and a practical evaluation of current operating systems. This session is particularly timely in light of Governor Brown's policy emphasis on clean energy, jobs and distributed generation.

BIM: Merging Owner, Architect and Construction Manager into an Integrated Team | Monday, November 5, 1:40PM-3:00PM

Warren Jacobs, University Architect, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Jonathan Ammon, Virtual Construction Engineer, Gilbane Building Company
Edward Kim, Associate, Project Architect, WRNS Studio

This session will detail how the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process broke down silos between the owner, architect and construction manager during the project development phases of California Maritime Academy’s Physical Education Replacement facility.  BIM's benefits extend far beyond the oft-cited benefit of construction clash detection. The Owner, Architect and CM will demonstrate in a case-study real practice review how BIM, using a multi-disciplinary team effort, is becoming an integrated informational tool fundamentally changing the way buildings are now being designed and constructed. Lessons learned and future industry trends will be discussed.

Water – How to get it, keep it, and on occasion, get rid of it! | Monday, November 5, 3:10PM-4:30PM

Thomas Kennedy, Chief of Architecture and Engineering, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Ken Lewis, President, AC Martin

Water is something we often take for granted. Most are only vaguely aware of how it is delivered, seldom question the reliability of its continued supply, and give only passing thought to its disposal. This session provides a closer look at this vital and underappreciated resource. Attendees will gain insights into developing water use concerns and trends. This session digs deep to uncover where our water comes from and presents ways to improve our current water-related operations. A survey of water-wise design features for future projects and renovations will also be presented., as well as the impact of current and pending discharge regulations on campus operations/budgets and construction projects.

Magic Beam Structural Systems | Tuesday, November 6, 8:30AM-9:50AM

Thomas Kennedy, Chief of Architecture and Engineering, CSU Office of the Chancellor

John Egan, AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, Inc.
Thomas Sabol, Englekirk and Sabol Consulting Structural Engineers

The claims and promises of those proprietary structural and foundation systems can be a daunting mixture of truth and right-circumstance, fine-print assumptions. This session will put you on firm ground by providing practical, impartial advice on how to make knowledgeable, informed geotechnical and structural systems decisions. This session will explore how to reliably evaluate proprietary systems and select the ‘best’ structural system. Topics will include: curtain walls, what to look for to help ensure a ‘complete’ design, a quick explanation on soil densification, how piles really work, why sometimes you really should pound sand, and the hidden interactions in various designs.

Renewable Energy Master Planning Best Practices: A Survey of Options This is your Primer! | Tuesday, November 6, 10:40AM-12:00PM

Paul Wingco, Energy and Sustainability Manager, CSU Long Beach

Thomas Ball, Solar and Energy Division Manager, Allana Buick & Bers, Inc.

This session will provide an overview of various renewable energy technologies (wind, solar PV, solar thermal, fuel cell, cogeneration), financing options, and implementation of best practices. The presentation will review the many types of PV systems now on the market. In addition to panelized systems, other PV technologies including “peel and stick” products for existing metal roofs, thermally applied PV systems for single ply roofs and various crystalline and thin-film solar PV technologies will be assessed. This presentation will delve into roof and ground mounted solar PV best practices protocols as well as provide recommendations on quality assurance monitoring, post installation diagnostics, and operation and maintenance requirements. The session will conclude with tips on managing the solar investment.

Data Driven Energy Efficiency | Tuesday, November 6, 1:30PM-2:50PM

Len Pettis, Chief of Plant, Energy, and Utilities, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Peter Dickinson, Chief Technology Officer, BuildingIQ
David Meyers, Director of Business Development, Western Region, EnerNOC, Inc.
Len Pisano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 8760 Inc.

Cracking building sequence operations code, open architecture for controls, intelligent automation dashboards—these are just some of the topics that will be presented in this session. Join us to see how BuildingIQ, EnerNOC, and 8760 can bring cost effective innovative solutions to your campus’s automation control programs. This distinguished panel will share their different approaches to solving today’s building management system control challenges as well as address questions unique to your campus environment. You will come away with a better understanding of what is available, what it costs, what lies ahead, and the necessary information you will need to make good decisions for your campus.