Capital Planning Design and Construction

Request for Proposals: Model and Guidelines

Construction Manager at Risk Services with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) (For Major Projects Only)

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CMR Model Cover (.pdf)

CM at Risk Model and Guidelines Table of Contents (.pdf)

Chapter I - Overview

Chapter II - Request for Qualifications

Chapter III - Request for Proposals - Contract Documents


  1. Preconstruction Phase Service Agreement form
    (includes Rider A, Agreement General Provisions)
    1. Exhibit A, Scope of Work
    2. Exhibit B, Fee and Payment Schedule
    3. Exhibit C, Service Provider Hourly Rate Schedule
  2. Agreement Forms for Construction Phase
    (Agreement, Bonds, Certification forms,.docx)
  3. Contract General Conditions CM at Risk, January 2017 (.pdf)
  4. Sample Forms (.pdf)
  5. Supplementary General Conditions, August 2018
  6. Tools for Assembling Supplementary General Conditions (.doc)
  7. Division One (.doc)
  8. CSU Procedure Manual for Capital Projects (.pdf)
  9. Prevailing Wage Rates (Cover Sheet, .docx)
    Dept. of Industrial Relations Prevailing Wage Rates
    Note: Campuses may download the prevailing wage rates from this website.
  10. CSU Project Architect/Engineer Agreement Documents for CM at Risk Projects
  11. Project Summary, Architectural Plans and Elevations and Maps (.doc)
  12. Geotechnical Report (.doc)
  13. OCIP Insurance and Safety Manuals
    (for projects $10 million or greater, .doc)
  14. CEQA Mitigation and Monitoring Program (.doc)
  15. Design-Build and Design-Assist Subcontracting (.pdf)
  16. Reconciliation of Project Costs, Form No. 702.02RPC (.xlsx)

CM at Risk Training Powerpoint Presentation - May 13, 2013