Capital Planning Design and Construction

CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program

The Trustees have established a CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program to be used on all major projects, regardless of delivery method.

Note: The Trustees are not utilizing this program for minor capital outlay projects and job order contracts.

Contract Documents

CSU Builders Risk Insurance Program provisions have been incorporated into the Contract General Conditions found on the Contract General Conditions web site.


  • Builders Risk Application (.pdf) Revised 7/2018
    The following project classifications will require special approval by the insurance carrier. For these projects, campuses shall submit this form:
    • Any project greater than $100,000,000
    • Wood Framed Or Hybrid Construction with awards greater than $10,000,000
    • Joisted Masonry Construction with awards of $25,000,000
    • Structural Renovation
    • All Other Construction
  • New Location Questionnaire (.doc) Revised 8/23/07
    For all completed projects, campuses are to complete the New Location Questionnaire in order to enroll the completed project into the campus property insurance.
  • Handouts for Construction Insurance Training, November 4, 2008, in Oakland

BRIP online Construction Insurance database

Campuses shall login to the database* and submit their projects for enrollment.

*For login information contact James Morgan by phone at (562) 951-4086 or by email at

Other Information