CSU Health Insurance Education Project

Letter from Chancellor Timothy P. White

Chancellor Timothy P. WhiteSeptember 18, 2013


TO: CSU Presidents

FROM: Timothy P. White, Chancellor

SUBJECT: Communicating New Healthcare Options to the CSU Community

Uninsured individuals in the California State University community will soon have greater access to healthcare due to the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the stateís actions to implement provisions of ACA by offering health insurance coverage through Covered CaliforniaTM.

Covered California is available for individuals to purchase affordable health insurance that do not have or are not eligible for health insurance through their employer and will ensure the upfront disclosure of costs. The open enrollment period for Covered California runs from October 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014. In partnership with the Chancellorís Office, CSU Los Angeles has received a Covered California grant of $1.25 million to launch a statewide outreach and communications effort to all CSU students and their families. The grant is already in effect and the development of communication materials is in process. Messaging will primarily reflect the several important options for obtaining healthcare coverage.

The ACA also requires employers to notify all employees about the availability of health insurance coverage offered through Covered California. Therefore, the CSU is also preparing communication for campuses to distribute to CSU faculty and staff regarding the availability of health insurance through Covered California. This communication will be forwarded to campuses this month.

I have confidence that the efforts led by CSULA will help many students achieve a healthier and more financially secure future. To be maximally effective, these efforts need to be tailored for unique campus settings and cultures. To that purpose, a faculty liaison and two graduate assistants have been hired and placed to serve as local liaisons on 16 campuses.

To provide other critical support, the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs have been identified as the contact person on your campus to assist in the systemwide outreach and communications effort. They can work with the Public Affairs offices on appropriate and consistent messaging in coordination with their Chancellorís Office colleagues. Various administrative and academic departments on your campuses may also be appropriate partners in this effort.

Additional details and materials will be distributed as the program develops. In the meantime, questions and comments may be sent to Dr. Walter Zelman, Chair, Cal State LA Department of Public Health, (323) 343-4635, or your Vice President of Student Affairs, or Ray Murillo, Associate Director of Student Programs in Student Academic Support at the Chancellorís office, 562-951-4707.