CSU Health Insurance Education Project

About Covered CA

Covered CA is the new online marketplace for affordable, quality health insurance. At CoveredCA.com you can:

  • Compare health insurance plans
  • Determine how much financial assistance you may receive
  • Learn about your options, benefits and costs

You and your family may get financial assistance in paying the costs of insurance coverage. Covered California will also enable consumers to compare and choose health coverage that best fits their needs and budget. All will get a choice of insurance companies and a choice of benefits.

Under the new law, many CSU students and their families will be eligible for financial assistance in purchasing insurance. That assistance will be provided on a sliding scale, giving more support for those who earn less.

But to receive that assistance you must purchase your insurance through Covered California.

For information about Covered California, to learn if you may be eligible for financial assistance, and for enrollment information, visit Covered CA.