CSU Health Insurance Education Project

CSU Health Insurance Education Project

For updated dates as well as when open enrollment begins, visit Covered California.

If you are eligible for Medi-Cal or special enrollment in Covered CA, you do not have to wait until open enrollment.

To locate assistance in enrolling in Covered CA or Medi-Cal, contact Covered CA or visit Covered CA’s Enrollment Assistance page.

Already have insurance through Covered CA or Medi-Cal? You will receive renewal information from your insurer. For more information, please visit Covered CA’s FAQs About Renewal.

What is the CSU Health Insurance Education Project?

The CSU Health Insurance Education Project (HIEP) was a joint CSU/CSULA project to educate CSU students, their families, and campus staff about the new health insurance law and the opportunity it offers many in the CSU community to get affordable health insurance.

The CSU Health Insurance Education Project had representatives on 12 CSU campuses, helping to educate students and their families about their healthcare options through a variety of activities, including classroom presentations, flyer distribution, enrollment events, and other outreach efforts.

CSU HIEP officially concluded its outreach and education activities on February 28, 2015.