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Cornerstones is animated by the conviction that a fundamentally healthy university is in the best possible position to examine itself, propose new directions, and shape a future which will better serve the people of California. The Cornerstones Policy Goals and Principles have one continuing theme: We all share responsibility for a great public resource. The California State University enjoys the strong support of the state, the loyalty of California's people, the professional commitments of a talented faculty, staff, and administration and the daily engagement of an intelligent and imaginative student body. Indeed, California's economic and social health is tied increasingly to CSU's expertise and performance.

Cornerstones depends on each member of the CSU community to play a role in determining the university's future. We will maintain both educational excellence and access through a program of shared responsibility. The following outline summarizes the fundamental policy framework which characterizes this report.

We began with four commitments, and crafted four policy goals in support of those commitments. The ten Cornerstones Principles and the specific recommendations that follow them, should be the basis for the programs and projects of a university seeking to shape its future.

This framework provides both an internal guide and an external statement of our priorities. It proposes, finally, a partnership with California's people. This is a partnership rooted in the most fundamental fact about this great public resource: we are supported by a people who both need and respect us. This is support we earn the old fashioned way: we work for it.

Cornerstones is a plan, then, about how we work in support of our students, our State, and a future we share. It calls for both continuity and creativity. We must continue doing what we do superbly well--in the classrooms and laboratories and libraries--and push ourselves beyond the most comfortable parts of our traditions. The best parts of those traditions are, after all, the moments of change and innovation and the unsettled search for new answers.