The Cornerstones Report

On January 28, 1998, the Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed the Cornerstones Report, a systemwide planning framework that articulates the values, priorities and expectations for an even stronger and more successful future. To learn more about how the Cornerstones project progressed, please see the "About Cornerstones" page.

Cornerstones Implementation Plan

On March 17,1999, the Board of Trustees approved the Cornerstones Implementation Plan. In addition, the Board directed the chancellor and presidents to assign high priority to carrying out the plan, and expressed its appreciation to the Alumni Council, the California State Student Association, and the Statewide Academic Senate for their valuable contributions during the development of the implementation plan. To view this document, please see the "Cornerstones Implementation Plan" page. In order to implement a central element of Cornerstones, a proposed accountability process called for in Principle 9 has been developed and distributed to the campuses for review and comment during March and April 1999. To see this proposal, please see the "CSU Accountability Process" page.


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