Collaborative Resource Sharing Program Past Awardees

Academic Year 2012-2013

Sean Anderson (Channel Islands) and Rikk Kvitek (Monterey Bay) $10,000
Benthic mapping of Ventura County estuaries: a collaboration between CSUMB’s Seafloor Mapping Laboratory and CSUCI’s Pacific Institute for Restoration Ecology

Corey Garza (Monterey Bay) and Ivano Aiello (San Jose) $9,500
Multiscale geomorphic controls over littoral communities in California

Antje Lauer (Bakersfield) and Lars Tomanek (San Luis Obispo) $10,000
Protein expression profiles in Watersipora spp. and selected microbial associates in response to copper stress

Rebecca Lewison (San Diego) and Ellen Hines (San Francisco) $10,000
Creating a spatially explicit risk assessment of fisheries bycatch for coastal marine mammals

Stephanie Molloy (East Bay) and Kenneth Coale (San Jose) $10,000
Effect of heavy metals pollution on subsurface sediment bacteria communities in San Francisco Bay

Mathieu Richaud (Fresno) and Rikk Kvitek (Monterey Bay) $10,000
Quantifying shoreline geomorphology and coastal erosion during ENSO and inter-ENSO periods along Morro Bay sandspit, CA, using a vessel-based LiDAR system (Images from this project)

Academic Year 2010-2011

Newell Garfield (San Francisco) and Mark Moline (San Luis Obispo) $5,300
Monitoring a channel depth using the Cal Poly autonomous underwater vehicle and integrated equipment

Carl J. Carrano (San Diego) and Andrew Z. Mason (Long Beach) $6,500
Iron uptake and storage in marine algae and cohabitating bacteria

Anne Todgham (San Francisco) and Lars Tomanek (San Luis Obispo) $8,200
Protein and gene expression in thermally stressed intertidal limpets: a mechanistic primer to predict the effect of climate change on marine organisms

G. Jason Smith (San Jose) and Thomas Savage (Sacramento) $2,777
Collaborative sharing of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry resources at Sacramento State for studies elucidating the biochemical pathway to domoic acid

Bengt Allen (Long Beach) and Lars Tomanek (San Luis Obispo) $5,000
Proteomic responses of rocky intertidal organisms to thermal stress: predicting changes in community structure and ecosystem function in response to a warming climate

Diana Steller (San Jose) and Rikk Kvitek (Monterey Bay) $5,000
Utilizing the CSUMB acoustic habitat mapping assets to delineate the shallow-water rhodolith beds at Catalina Island, California

Sean Craig (Humboldt) and Joshua Mackie (San Jose) $4,800
Microsatellite analysis of globally invasive bryozoans (Watersipora spp.) introduced to California

Danielle Zacherl (Fullerton) and Andrew Z. Mason (Long Beach) $6,080
Do California grunion, Leuresthes tenuis, return to their natal beach to spawn?