Faculty Research Incentive Program Past Awardees


Nikki Adams (San Luis Obispo) - Protein response of sea urchin embryos to environmental stress utilizing confocal microscopy to identify proteins affected by ultraviolet radiation in sea urchin embryos
Project Summary (.pdf, 177 KB)

Katharyn Boyer (San Francisco) - Getting to the bottom of it: Understanding an invasive herbivore’s novel role in a vulnerable seagrass system
Project Summary (.pdf, 77 KB)

Elizabeth Dinsdale (San Diego) - Copper concentration as a selective pressure on genomic content of kelp forest microbes
Project Summary (.pdf, 76 KB)

Matthew Edwards (San Diego)

  • and Michael Graham (San Jose) - Development of an integrated seaweed-abalone aquaculture system for sustainable resource use and bioremediation
    Project Summary (.pdf, 82 KB)
  • and Diana Steller (San Jose) - Biogeography and physiology of Rhodoliths at Catalina Island
    Project Summary (.pdf, 84 KB)

Antje Lauer (Bakersfield) and Sean Craig (Humboldt) - Diversity and function of bacteria in human influenced marine fouling communities: Using Watersipora spp. and associated microbes as a model
Project Summary (.pdf, 83 KB)

Cheryl Logan (Monterey Bay) - Will California's sea mussels be able to adapt to rising temperatures concomitant with climate change?
Project Summary (.pdf, 78 KB)

Jeremy Long (San Diego) and Matt Ferner (San Francisco) - Sublethal consequences of pollution on chemically-mediated interactions between consumers and their prey
Project Summary (.pdf, 138 KB)

Jonathon Stillman (San Francisco) and Brian Tsukimura (Fresno) - Why mommies matter: Elucidating the mechanisms that produce brood-specific responses to ocean acidification in porcelain crabs
Project Summary (.pdf, 104 KB)

Academic Year 2011-2012

Karen Crow-Sanchez (San Francsico) - The evolution of novel morphologies in fishes: the basal and most diverse group of vertebrates

Patrick Krug (Los Angeles) and Angel Valdes (Pomona) - RUI: ARTS: Biodiversity of herbivorous sea slugs: how algal diversity and photosynthetic ability affect rates of speciation and endemism

Rebecca Lewison (San Diego) and Ellen Hines (San Francisco) - Creating a spatially explicit risk assessment of fisheries bycatch: a comparative approach

Misgana Muleta (San Luis Obispo) - Hydrologic prediction uncertainty analysis to control sedimentation of the Morro Bay Estuary

Ana Pitchon (Dominguez Hills) and Steven Hackett (Humboldt) - Alternative market channels for key California fisheries in a landings constrained environment

Donald Reed (San Jose) - Using COAST research to promote ocean science foundation through integreated video podcasting, research data-driven excercises and social media: curriculum development across the CSU system

Aparna Sreenivasan (Monterey Bay) - Analysis of cyanobacteria presence and toxicity in freshwater environments in the Monterey Bay

Anne E. Todgham (San Francsico) and Lars Tomanek (San Luis Obispo) - A global perspective on thermal tolerance limits: transcriptomic and proteomic signals of heat stress in intertidal limpets

Academic Year 2010-2011

Xianhui Bu (Long Beach) - Porous materials for carbon dioxide capture and prevention of ocean acidification

Jennifer Burnaford (Fullerton) and Karina Nielsen (Sonoma) - Understanding the effects of low tide exposure on intertidal kelps: geographic and species comparisons

Stephanie Molloy (East Bay) and Lubo Liu (Fresno) - Ecology of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) in the United States Pacific islands and coastal regions

Mamta Rawat (Fresno) - The role of low molecular weight thiols in Cyanobacteria

Brian Tsukimura (Fresno) - Supporting primary priorities for the development of management options for genus Eriocheir (mitten crabs)

Chris Clark (San Luis Obispo), Mark Moline (San Luis Obispo) and Chris Lowe (Long Beach) - Development of an autonomous underwater vehicle-based mobile marine life monitoring system (MMLMS)

Judit Hersko (San Marcos), Vicki Fabry (San Marcos) and Krista Kamer (San Francisco) - Ocean acidification and the public: communicating research through art and science projects

Spring 2010

Gerald Simila (Northridge) and Daniel Francis (Long Beach) - High resolution fault kinetics, California continental borderland

Michael Graham (Moss Landing/San Jose) and Matthew Edwards (San Diego) - Development of an integrated seaweed-abalone aquaculture system for sustainable resource use and bioremediation

James Murray (East Bay), Taro Amagata (San Francosco), and Monika Sommerhalter (East Bay) - Chemical warfare in the ocean: how Tritonia diomedea preys upon the toxic soft coral Ptilosarcus gurneyi

Brad Monsma (Channel Islands), Alison Purcell (Humboldt), Donald Rodriguez (Channel Islands) and Corey Lewis (Humboldt) - Interdisciplinary student research along the California and Mexico coasts

Fall 2009

Antje Lauer (Bakersfield), Sean Craig (Humboldt) and Joshua Mackie (San Jose) - Evolution and Invasion: speciation, ecological differentiation and microbial symbiosis in the exotic bryozoans Bugula neritina and Watersipora subtorquata in California

Thomas Savage (Sacramento) and G. Jason Smith (Moss Landing/San Jose) - molecular regulation of domoic acid biosynthesis in Pseudo-nitzschia spp.

Jonathan Stillman (San Francisco) and Lars Tomanek (San Luis Obispo) -
Transcriptome and proteome fingerprints of the potential for synergistic effects of ocean acidification and thermal stress along the California coast

Donna Ross (San Diego), Brian Hentschel (San Diego) and Maria Grant (Fullerton) - SEAWaRD: Stewardship, Education, and Advocacy through Wetlands Research Data

Steven Hackett (Humboldt) and Ana Pitchon (Dominguez Hills) - Transitioning to high value, low volume fisheries in California

Jesse Dillon (Long Beach), Christine Whitcraft (Long Beach) and Tomoko Komada (San Francisco) - Predicting the effects of sea level rise on biological communities and carbon flow in coastal salt marshes

Spring 2009

Ivano Aiello (Moss Landing/San Jose), Corey Garza (Monterey Bay) and Carlos Robles (Los Angeles) - Multiscale geomorphologic controls over littoral communities in California

Sean Anderson, Simone Aloisio and Blake Gillespie (Channel Islands) - Development of a statewide evaluation of the sustainability of seafood options available to consumers

Kevin Hovel (San Diego) and Chris Lowe (Long Beach) - Assessing spiny lobster movement behavior: implications for California’s Marine Life Protection Act

Erika McPhee-Shaw (Moss Landing/San Jose), Karina Nielsen (Sonoma) and Sarah Goldthwait (Humboldt) - Developing indices for primary production and harmful algal bloom potential from coastal ocean observing systems data network