Who is in COAST?

COAST members represent the coastal and marine-related education, research, and policy interests of the CSU. They are faculty, staff, and administrators working together to address coastal and marine-related issues. Their interests include, but are not limited to, cross-cutting topics such as global climate change, responsible natural resource management strategies and sustainability, ocean and coastal policies, and the use of new and emerging technologies.

Because coastal conditions are affected by both offshore processes and terrestrial inputs, COAST’s diverse membership includes representatives from a variety of disciplines who study a wide range of environments and habitats from the tops of coastal watersheds to the bottom of the ocean. COAST provides a platform to effectively communicate the expertise of the CSU to the government, private industry, and the public in all matters relating to the coast and ocean.

COAST is open to anyone in the CSU with an interest in marine and coastal affairs. Please contact COAST Staff for more information about COAST. Sign up for the COAST email list, which provides information on COAST activities and other marine and coastal related groups, meetings, and funding opportunities.

Who Benefits from COAST?

  • Local, regional and State governments, private industry, the scientific community and the public – COAST focuses the collective resources of the CSU to address marine and coastal challenges.
  • CSU campuses – Coordination among CSU campuses provides for a strong and coherent unified response from the CSU on state and national issues.
  • Residents of and visitors to California – COAST facilitates the flow of information from the CSU to external stakeholders to ensure that the management and future use of California’s coast will be guided by well-informed decisions.
  • Students and faculty – Hands-on, real-world experience drives CSU education and research to ever-higher levels of excellence as the CSU community of students and faculty works together to address the challenges facing our coastal zone.