• Promote the advancement of coastal and marine-related research throughout the CSU.
  • Enhance research and professional development opportunities for CSU faculty engaged in coastal and marine education and research activities.
  • Enhance educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Increase public awareness of the challenges facing our coast and increase stewardship of our resources.


  • Develop coordinated, multi-campus collaborative proposals for competitive funding for research and education initiatives.
  • Hold annual meetings and topic-specific symposia and workshops.
  • Provide scientific expertise to legislators, policy and decision-makers to aid them in making well-informed decisions.
  • Secure sustained funding for the operation of the coastal environmental data collection network and development of informational products and decision-making tools.
  • Engage scientists, resource managers and policy makers to ensure that the environmental data and products meet their needs.
  • Develop modular curricula based on individual research programs, environmental data, marine technology and GIS for incorporation throughout the CSU in multiple disciplines (e.g., life sciences, public policy, business, teacher training).
  • Provide opportunities for faculty and their students to conduct advanced research.
  • Establish student internship programs at government agencies, industry, and legislative offices. 
  • Establish a campus-exchange program for faculty research and professional development and for students to train at CSU campuses other than their home institutions.
  • Integrate scientific concepts and environmental education into the K-12 curriculum by developing partnerships with local school districts.
  • Actively engage local, regional, and state governments and community-based organizations to disseminate scientific data and informational products to the public.
  • Build consensus within the CSU community to effectively communicate the best available information to decision-makers and the public.