What is COAST?

What is COAST?

The CSU Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) was established in 2008 to integrate system-wide resources and promote interdisciplinary multi-campus collaborations to advance our knowledge of California’s natural coastal and marine resources and the processes that affect them. The coastal zone faces a number of economic, sociological, ecological and technological challenges that require innovative solutions. COAST is uniquely positioned to provide a statewide coordinated response to these challenges.

Our Mission
To provide vision, leadership, and support throughout the CSU system for education, policy and research related to California’s marine, estuarine, and coastal regions, and to promote the public dissemination of knowledge gained to foster stewardship and sustainable use of California’s coast.

Our Vision
COAST will be a leader in coastal and marine-related research and education throughout California, and will promote environmental literacy leading to a significant increase in public awareness and stewardship of our coastal and marine resources.

COAST Six Year Strategic Plan, 2009 - 2015 (.pdf, 544 KB)