STEM Engaged Learning
CSU’s Vision for STEM Student Success

The California State University is committed to increasing STEM student success through various programs and initiatives, placing focus on traditionally underrepresented students. CSU STEM VISTA’s goals were developed from the CSU’s vision for STEM student success.


Our diverse pool of STEM graduates, with their unique qualifications and talent, is prepared to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of our global society.

Working towards this overall vision, CSU STEM VISTA encourages STEM departments or colleges to develop proposals that:

  • Support and reward implementation of effective High Impact Practices (HIPs) that work best for our students, particularly traditionally under-represented students (referred as the “low-hanging fruit” in graph below);         
  • Create stronger connections among campus and systemwide programs to increase sharing and efficiency for the benefit of STEM students and faculty;
  • Enhance the K-16 STEM pipeline by improved articulation of practices and curriculum;
  • Engender STEM graduates and faculty that reflect California’s demography.            
CSU_URM Majors in STEM

We particularly focus on the lower division, where students disproportionately leave STEM by changing majors or dropping out. As this graph depicts, only 463 under-represented minority students graduated in STEM within six years. Recapturing the 2,199 URM who didn’t graduate in STEM represents “low hanging fruit” for improved degree production.