STEM Engaged Learning
Available Positions

Below are the VISTA positions that are currently available for the 2016 – 2017 program year.

CSU Bakersfield Community Resources and Expertise in the Service of Students (CRESS)

The overall goal of this CSU STEM VISTA project is to develop partnerships that support STEM student success and address the need for workforce-ready STEM graduates by broadening and deepening student awareness of STEM employment opportunities and by developing student job skills. To accomplish this goal, the VISTA member will cultivate new alumni, industry, and community partners and work with existing ones, to identify STEM career experiences such as internships, mentorships, site visits, job shadowing, STEM-focused career events, alumni panel discussions, and industry-focused meet and greets. The VISTA will work with the Dean’s Office, academic departments, the Student Center, and with the Center for Career Education and Community Engagement to create and organize STEM career experiences.

CSU Bakersfield Fabrication Laboratory, outreach
This VISTA project has a goal of inspiring low-income and under-represented students in the Kern County area to see STEM careers as a possibility for their future. California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) is in a unique position with an on-campus digital fabrication and rapid prototyping lab, the Fab Lab. The VISTA member will engage K-12 students in the engineering design process and digital fabrication through a combination of in-school visits, after-school programming and on campus field trips. The VISTA member will allow more students to discover what engineering means in a practical and hands-on way. The totality of this program, connecting real experiences in actual STEM environments, will thus reinforce the K-16 STEM pipeline.

Fresno State University College of Science and Mathematics
The CSU STEM VISTA members will build capacity for student success in the College of Science and Math by directly contributing to our STEM Collaborative Project that integrates the following high-impact practices: a summer enrichment experience, first-year experience, and re-designed courses.  The VISTAs will assist with institutionalizing and assessing the freshmen summer STEM enrichment program, first year experience, and e-portfolios. Each VISTA member will work closely with faculty, supplemental instructors, and peer leaders associated with 2 of the 4 courses that will be offered in both fall and spring semesters and will manage an instructional case load of 150 students.

CSU Long Beach Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD)
The VISTA will re-tool a web-based platform to provide students with information about research opportunities within the community. The VISTA member would work with IT staff to revise the web platform, test it with different stakeholders (students, faculty/staff, and community partners), and then create materials (on-line videos and in-person workshop tools) to spread awareness and teach people how to use it. Ultimately, the revamped on-line system, outreach materials and workshops and how-to guides will become part of the fabric of university-community partnerships that will be sustained by the Career Development Center and project staff as well as the users themselves: STEM students and community partners.

San Jose State University College of Engineering 
The goal of the project is to identify, gather, and leverage new campus, community, and industry resources, as well as maintain previous resources for the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program. Within the first few months, tasks will include researching EPICS topics to enhance curriculum where necessary, updating and conducting surveys to investigate interest level and analyze feedback for improvements, and updating and distributing/presenting promotional EPICS materials. Next tasks are identifying possible faculty members, student leaders and community partners interested in EPICS and developing and conducting EPICS workshops. The VISTA member will also meet with potential community partners and financial sponsors for participation in program.

San Jose State University Jay Pinson STEM Education Program (JPSEP), CSU students
The overall goal of the project is to promote the study of Computer Science and Cybersecurity and service to the local community among SJSU students. The VISTA member will develop and propose a program model aimed at the recruitment and retention of students in computer science. He or she will also refine and implement systems to track and assess student success, effectiveness of projects, and impact on students and community. This will lead to the development of a comprehensive protocols and reports on recruiting and retaining diverse students, promoting STEM-focused opportunities on campus, etc. so that the VISTA member’s work can be sustained by JPSEP staff.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority and Underrepresented Student Participation (LSAMP) in STEM, undergraduate research
The goal of the VISTA project is multifold: 1) to increase accessibility to successful and impactful undergraduate research experiences at an institutional level; 2) to support student development of their self-identity as STEM professionals. In achieving this goal, the VISTA will coordinate and facilitate stakeholder meetings; develop and facilitate professional development trainings, learning communities, and events for faculty/staff/students; analyze data; meet one-on-one with students to support their pursuits in undergraduate research; and write grant proposals.

CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology
CSUPERB hopes to administer a new Genome Science Network hub for the California State University (CSU) system. The Genome Science Network (GSN) will be a nationwide effort, designed to build a training and support network that can involve larger numbers of underrepresented minorities (URM) in modern genome research, improve student retention, and improve student preparation for STEM careers. One of the aims for the CSU GSN Hub is to build a student peer network to provide role models, peer mentors and help to genome researchers system-wide and in the western region. The VISTA member’s work will include: (1) developing a series of workshops for students and faculty, (2) establishing a Virtual Network Website, (3) recruiting and building a Peer Mentor Network, and (4) supporting the activities of the GSN’s Virtual and Peer Mentors.

Stanislaus State, K-12 outreach
The overall goal of the VISTA Member will be to support young student success in STEM disciplines through host site partnerships with local K-12 schools, after school programs, local science museums, and other youth programs. The College of Science seeks to further STEM education and encourage K-12 students to pursue a degree in the STEM disciplines at Stanislaus State. The VISTA member will coordinate and assess Science Saturdays, Science Day, Dinner with a Scientist, and Science Olympiad. The VISTA member will also work to enhance relationships with local community agencies to bring awareness to the science programming available and develop potential science internship sites for Stanislaus State students.