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CSU Subgrantees Information

This section of our website is designed to provide information specifically for CSU service-learning/community engagement offices, CSU subgrantees, and their campus fiscal contacts. The section is divided into two parts:

Grants - Related Information

  • Reporting
    Find out about upcoming reporting deadlines organized by academic term

Information for CCE Offices

  • Listserv for CSU Service-learning Offices
    The CSU hosts a listserv for CSU exclusively for leaders of CSU campus service-learning offices. If you are in a leadership role at a CSU campus service-learning office and would like to be subscribed to this listserv, please contact Judy Botelho at or (562) 951-4749.
  • Meetings
    Learn more about upcoming meetings sponsored by the Office of Community Service Learning at the CSU Chancellor's Office as well as access materials from past meetings.
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Last Updated: June 06, 2016