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CSU Dominguez Hills students
CSU Dominguez Hills students plant trees as part of the 'Toro Green Team.'




CSU Dominguez Hills student


In October, former vice president Al Gore, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who inspired the landmark 2006 film on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth,” told a crowd of 15,000 at his alma mater, Harvard University, that universities have an important role to play in addressing our environmental “existential crisis” because of their research, teaching, and policy development capabilities. 

The California State University couldn’t agree more.  CSU’s best institutional practices, as well as its hallmark strengths - teaching, applied research, and community service - advocate for a special role for the CSU in sustaining the continued economic and ecological viability of the state. 

This issue of CSU IMPACT highlights a variety of “green” engagement activities around the CSU that focus on sustainability.  More in-depth information can be found at CSU’s Commitment to Sustainability.


Chico State’s “Take Back the Tap” Campaign

Students in Chico State’s Environmental Thought and Action class (GEOG 440) wrote and campaigned for two environmental measures during the Associated Students 2008 general elections.  The first measure, entitled “Take Back the Tap,” proposed installing free purified water systems on the campus that would replace the sale of water bottles.  It passed with 85 percent approval.  The second measure was an advisory for a Social and Environmental Purchasing Policy, which passed with 87 percent approval.  With guidance from Dr. Mark Stemen, students were divided into groups to address different campaign issues, strategies and advisories. During the process, students gained an invaluable sense of productive advocacy and politics in addition to their environmental disciplinary content.


Undergraduate Research Course Conducts Carbon Accounting at Cal State East Bay

To better understand the sources of CO2 emissions at Cal State East Bay, to establish an emissions baseline, and to identify key opportunities to reduce emissions, Professor Karina Garbesi conducted an assessment with students in her applied Applied Field Studies class (ENVT/GEOG 3480).


CSU Dominguez Hills’ Green Team Plants over 250 Trees with Shell Oil

On October 4, 2008, Shell Oil Company, in partnership with the City of Carson and the LA Conservation Corps, hosted a tree planting day in Carson at Carson Park. CSU Dominguez Hills participated by having a “Toro Green Team” as part of the campus’s effort to restore and give back to the community and environment. Over 250 trees were planted.  


SDSU offers “green” certificate programs

San Diego State’s College of Extended Studies began offering two “green” certificate programs this fall.  The programs, “Green Building Construction,” and “Renewable Energy and Green Energy Management” are attracting students from around the world who are taking advantage of the online course delivery method that these programs offer. These programs consist of four courses and include a comprehensive study of the expanding interest in green construction and renewable energy. The programs are sponsored by the City of San Diego.  "We are pleased to be partnering with SDSU on the cutting-edge, Online Green Industry Construction program," said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. "This innovative program will help encourage sustainability efforts and develop a green workforce, which is vital to attracting and retaining clean-tech companies in the region.

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