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Nov./Dec. 2010
Your Monthly Source of Community Service-Learning News Vol. 8, No. 2

Campus-Community Partnership

Community-Based Research E-Publication

A CBR E-Publication highlighting projects involving CSU faculty, students, staff and local and global communities, is now available at our website. Nearly 40 partnerships and their collaborative work are described. It is our hope that these examples, whether in their infancy, or developed over several years, serve as inspiration or guidance in varying contexts, and in addressing diverse issues of community and campus interest.

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CSL Faculty Awardee wins Excellence Award for Community Journalism

Cristina L. Azocar, San Francisco State University assistant professor and director of the Center for Integration & Improvement of Journalism, and her class played a key role in a Newswire21.org project that won an Excellence in Journalism Award for Community. The “Ingleside Project” produced more than two dozen stories about education, housing, and other important issues in the often-ignored Ingleside district and nearby areas. As a pilot project, it served as a model that Newswire21 now hopes to replicate in places like Humboldt County and San Diego. 

Additional information: Stories from the Ingleside (and Beyond)

University of Washington’s Community-Engaged Scholarship listserv

The Community-Engaged Scholarship listserv provides a venue for sharing information and resources concerning the academic review and reward system for faculty involved in community-based participatory research, service-learning and other forms of "community-engaged scholarship.” The listserv is a resource for sharing knowledge and experience and contributes to strengthening the field of community-engaged scholarship.

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Advancing Community Engagement with Student Leaders: A How to Manual from the California State University

Advancing Community Engagement With Student Leaders features four CSU campuses—Chico, Humboldt, Los Angeles, and Monterey Bay—that have been supporting student leadership programs in community engagement in exemplary ways for years.


The Chancellor’s Office Center for Community Engagement has demonstrated strong leadership and support for Community-Based Research (CBR) in the CSU. Our goal is to support campuses and communities to collaborate equitably as co-researchers to address significant social issues, to promote learning and development, and to advance the creation and dissemination of knowledge. This issue of CSU Impact highlights some of our most recent efforts.

CSU Hosts the 4th Community-Based Research Conference

In March, the CSU Center for Community Engagement sponsored two very successful regional Community-Based Research Conferences in Berkeley and Los Angeles. Over 250 faculty, staff, students, and community partners from throughout the CSU, other higher education institutions, and community-based organizations engaged in 28 research project presentations, 7 hands-on, interactive workshops, and small group dialogues on over 20 CBR related-topics.

For more information about the conferences, including a list of research panel presentations and workshops, and a pod cast of the keynote speaker, see the conference website.

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals who helped make the 4th CBR Conferences a success: CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning and Office of Research Initiatives and Partnerships, Community-Campus Partnership for Health, California Breast Cancer Research Program, the Offices of EPIC and Community Engagement at CSU Los Angeles, and especially to the 31-member Advisory Board (.pdf).

CBR Blue Ribbon Awards

At the 4th CBR conferences, we recognized four projects with the Blue Ribbon Award. These projects demonstrated noteworthy strides toward deep collaboration between campuses and communities in research as determined by a peer review process.

The four Blue Ribbon Awards projects, listed below, are described in more depth in the CBR E-Publication.

CSU CBR Working Group - Invitation to Participate

We are currently creating a working group of 12-15 community-based researchers from the 23 CSU campuses and communities throughout California, or people who are in a position to support community-based researchers on campus or in the community. This group will participate in a series of interactive virtual meetings to map out a vision and plan for supporting and advancing high quality CBR in the CSU and throughout California.

If you are interested, please email Kathleen Rice, Ph.D., CSU's CBR Program Consultant, at klriceconsulting@mac.com for more information.

CBR Gatherings Continue

Campuses have been inspired to host their own community-based research conferences. Sacramento State hosted a CBR conference in April and will be hosting another conference in Spring 2011. For more information visit the Community Engagement Center website.


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