CSU Impact - CSL Newsletter
Volume III, No. 5
Your Monthly Source of Community Service-Learning News
February 8, 2006

News Stories

Nancy Jean Smith, CSU Stanislaus, Teacher Education (right), assists one of her students in EDMS 4130 Teaching Science and Health Methods at Nightingale Elementary School in Stockton. Dr. Smith and her students show elementary school youth how to use science to build and maintain a community garden at the school.

Recognition Opportunities

You still have time to nominate faculty and students for the esteemed Campus Compact awards. The deadline varies between February 17 and March 3.

Quotable Quotes

How is it that young people assert their concern for our national well-being yet fail to act on those beliefs? …The answers are many. The solutions few. But one essential element is clear -- public education has failed to prepare our young people for civic life.” An excerpt of an opinion editorial written by CSU Stanislaus President Hamid Shirvani that ran in the Modesto Bee.

More Campus Highlights

Through a rigorous competition, San Jose State University (SJSU) was awarded a $100,000 Difficult Dialogues grant funded by the Ford Foundation. SJSU will involve a core group of student and faculty leaders to facilitate and create multiple opportunities for students to engage in open discussion of religious and cultural diversity in both an academic and co-curricular context. SJSU anticipates that the student-training component will have a service-learning element and also plans to pilot test curriculum in the First Year Experience program. Sonoma State was also awarded a $10,000 stipend to assist with the First Year Experience Pilot, featuring a multi-disciplinary course for 150 first year students.

Service Learning and Teacher Education
Forge an Alliance

One strategic viewpoint embraced by the Office of Community Service Learning is to link the efforts of our service-learning programs to the broader efforts of the CSU. One notable success is the recent partnership between service learning and teacher education.

The CSU annually produces nearly 60% of the new teachers in California. And this year, one of the chief priorities in teacher education is doubling the number of credentialed teachers in math and science by 2010. The CSU recently awarded campus grants, and several campuses articulated the significant role service learning can play in recruiting college students into the teaching profession as well as enhancing science and math literacy for K-12 students.

  • At CSU Channel Islands, as part of their service-learning projects, credential students will analyze current materials used in math and science teacher recruitment and integrate strategies for sharing program information to high school students both in formal (career day, parent night) and informal (lunch, prep period) settings.

  • At CSU Chico, K-12 students utilize the Hands On Laboratory program to learn science concepts on campus while being mentored by service-learning students. Similar to this concept, CSU San Bernardino service-learning students from math and biology will be visiting local middle and high schools to offer tutoring and laboratory experiences.

  • At Humboldt State and CSU Stanislaus, parallel efforts will occur with a focus on designing new service-learning courses taught by math and science faculty.

Campus News

Several campuses have recently received external grants involving service learning and civic engagement activities for students.

  • CSU Northridge has received a $11,000 grant from MetLife Foundation for a Health Literacy Initiative coordinated by SHINE (Students Helping In the Naturalization of Elders), a national consortium program of universities and community-based organizations. The Initiative aides elderly immigrants and refugees, who are learning English, improve their access to healthcare.