2010 Research Conference

Conference Program


Southern California Regional
Friday, March 12, 2010
CSU Los Angeles (Golden Eagle Bldg)

Workshop A. Connecting Experiences Across Communities
Ballroom 2
Host: Pilar Pacheco, CSU Channel Islands

The workshop will involve participants in creating a message through a group process. They will receive Xeroxes of photos of tradeswomen and excerpts from the interviews that were conducted by the youth at the Center in Long Beach, a Lesbian and Gay space. After a short description of how the tradeswomen and the youth interacted and produced the interviews, workshop participants will collaborate in groups to create their own posters using the raw materials. They will have a chance to select and juxtapose words and images to communicate a sense of a key idea from a person’s interview and agree on a poster concept. Once they have a chance to sketch out and agree on a concept, they will look through the collages and posters created by the youth, the tradeswomen, and the academics and artists involved with the project, Tradeswomen Address the Next Generation, to see how three communities translated a message into visual form. A core concept to explore is how individuals can use storytelling and images to create a collaborative idea by building a group vision. Participants will come away with new ways of thinking about communication, collaboration, and representation.
Audience: All skill and experience levels

  • Vivian Price, Ph.D., assistant professor, Interdisciplinary Studies PACE, California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Rikka Racelis, youth outreach coordinator, The Center Long Beach
  • Laura Talamante, Ph.D., assistant professor, History Department, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Workshop B. What Funders Expect
Ballroom 3
Host: Kathleen Rice, KL Rice Consulting

Interested in community-based participatory research but not sure where to find funding or what is expected in an application? The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) is the fourth largest breast cancer research funder in the country, with several funding mechanisms, including the Community Research Collaboration (CRC) awards. The CRC awards provide $150,000 to $600,000 of funding (plus indirect funds for most institutions) to successful partnerships of CA-based community organizations and research scientists. Join Marj Plumb, collaborative research consultant, to learn more about available funding, CBCRP research priorities, and how to prepare a successful application. Application success rates have historically been high, ranging from 19% to 43%. The call for applications is released each August with a submission deadline in January, so the time to begin finding a partner, forming your team, discussing research ideas and methodology, and getting prepared to apply is now. Past CRC Awards have funded research topics from the fields of: • health policy, public health, and health services • psychology and sociology • epidemiology • behavioral science • environmental sciences • ethnic studies. Lessons learned are transferrable to other funders and funding applications.
Audience: All skill and experience levels

  • Marj Plumb, Ph.D., collaborative research consultant, California Breast Cancer Research Program