Center for Community Engagement

Leadership and Service: Ingredients that Foster Community Change

Welcome to the 2014-15 Annual Report of the California State University Center for Community Engagement. This publication captures the spirit of the human experience, the connections and “ingredients” such as understanding, reciprocity, and trust that are at the heart of quality communities of practice. We celebrate and honor our more than 3,200 community partners who lead and serve along-side CSU’s faculty, staff, and students. Together through training, research and service they help shape solutions that address the most complex issues of our time.

View campus community engagement efforts:

Sustainable Economic and Grassroots Models Tackle Issues of Hunger and Healthy Food Access

Promoting Well-Being 

Storytelling and Research Preserve Community History

Enduring Partnerships, Groundbreaking Solutions = Resilient Communities

Selflessness Inspires Innovative Collaborations and Learning