Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Students seeking real world experience in applied social research can find a variety of opportunities to get involved with their campus CASSRC research center or institute. Because member centers/institutes conduct research throughout the calendar year, there are opportunities available both during the traditional academic year as well as during the summer. Getting involved with a research center/institute is a great way to build your resume, particularly if you're interested in going to graduate school, or considering a career in research.


Many CASSRC centers and institutes offer undergraduate students the opportunities to gain real world social research experience and knowledge through Internships. In some cases, students can earn Internship credits through their majors. Depending on what research projects are being conducted at their campus CASSRC research center/institute, and the funding for that project, students may also be able to participate in a paid internship. Internships typically offer the student a broad range experience and run 8-16 weeks length. Because CASSRC research centers/institutes projects are constantly changing and the number of internships is limited, it is recommended that students contract their campus center/institute well ahead of the time they actually plan on doing an internship.

Part-time Employment

Another opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about applied social science research is through part-time work at their campus CASSRC center/institute. Many centers/institutes engage in projects such as of telephone and internet surveys which go on throughout the academic year and during the summer. Student opportunities such as telephone interviewing (using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing technology), working on survey mailings (both paper and electronic), data entry and cleaning, basic data analysis and report production give students an inside look at the research process.

For more information on work and learning opportunities with your campus CASSRC center/institute, find your campus on the list of affiliated centers.

Last Updated: August 16, 2011