Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers

Faculty Opportunities

Throughout the CSU system, CASSRC member centers and institutes provide faculty members with a home for their applied social science research. Faculty members may serve as Principal Investigators overseeing entire funded research projects or may be asked to lend their expertise to center/institute projects on a more limited basis as a member of a research team. Some centers/institutes also provide faculty members with career development opportunities in areas such as grant writing or project management.

Some of the benefits for faculty members working for CASSRC centers and institutes include:

  • Professional research staff to assist you with research efforts ranging from design and database construction to statistical analyses
  • Use of the institutes' facilities, including CATI labs, web survey capabilities, server and LAN network for construction and access to databases, quantitative and qualitative analysis software, and workspace for project activities
  • Assistance recruiting and hiring project staff including student research assistants and interviewers
  • Assistance with project administration, which allows you to focus on research, rather than red-tape
  • Opportunities to involve students in applied research
  • Strong entity identification sought by many prospective funding sources
  • A mechanism for faculty to strengthen their CV's
  • Visibility for faculty projects and reports
  • An opportunity to share in the Facilities & Administration (F & A or "indirect") on funded projects

For more information about working with the CASSRC applied research center/institute, find a specific campus in the list of affiliated centers.

Last Updated: August 17, 2011