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California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Projects

What is the CAHSEE?

Final Reports:


In 2001 the CAPP Office awarded the following high schools a three-year grant to help implement a plan to improve curriculum and services for students in lower performing schools. Originally the CAHSEE was to be a graduation requirement for the class of 2004, however, the department of education chose to push back the requirement until 2006. This change prompted the CAPP Office to extend the grants at all nine schools through the 2005-06 school year.

The following are the initial program description:

The following goals were set for all the CAHSEE project sites:
  • To prepare all students in the participating schools to pass the CAHSEE at the end of the 10th grade

  • To ensure that those students who do not pass the HSEE in Grade 10 receive the support needed to pass by the end of Grade 12.

  • To ensure that students who have passed the HSEE continue to complete coursework leading to college preparation by the end of high school.

Reports from Prior Years:

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