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Higher education is vital to the success of California’s workforce and to the state’s future economic prosperity. The CSU gives California a great return on its investment, foremost in the preparation of its students for success in the world, and additionally through its partnerships with communities and businesses. Each year, the CSU pumps millions of dollars into the state economy — so much so, that without the CSU, California would not be the world's fifth largest economy. As a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-focused higher education, the CSU an essential force for California’s future.

Doing Business with the CSU

The central administration and campuses offer many opportunities for businesses. Visit the following sites for details on contracts and capital grants, including public notices on current bidding opportunities.

The CSU Foundation

The mission of the CSU Foundation is to promote and further the interest of the California State University for the purpose of enhancing the educational quality of the California State University in teaching, learning, community service, and research activities for students, faculty, and staff.