2010-2011 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The support budget request for 2010/11 is a recovery budget for the CSU.

The 2010/11 Support Budget for Board of Trustees' action on November 17, 2009 meeting was developed in consultation with campus presidents and other university constituencies. The support budget request for 2010/11 is a "recovery budget" for the CSU and identifies the resources necessary for the university to once again fulfill its higher education mission to the people of California. The 2010/11 Support Budget recommended to the Board of Trustees, Governor, and legislature includes an increase of $601.2 million to the 2009/10 state General Fund appropriation ($305 million for state General Fund base restoration and $296.2 budget to resume the Higher Education Compact revenue framework). The 2010/11 Support Budget plan State University Fee revenue adjustments total -$118.1 million and include an adjustment due to a 9.5 percent FTES enrollment decline. The net 2010/11 support budget plan sources of funds is $483.1 million. In addition, other needs of $283 million are identified to restore core compact funding foregone in 2008/09 and 2009/10.