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2009/10 Support Budget II

Uses of Revenue

Long-Term Need, $44 Million

Libraries, $3 Million

Since 1992, the CSU has been investigating numerous ways to eliminate its core library deficiencies and develop new technologies to keep volumes current and adequate to meet the academic and intellectual research needs of CSU students and faculty.

In fiscal year 2000/01, the CSU identified a permanent base budget need of $12 million to keep its permanent collection of books, serials, and periodicals current. This increase, added to existing budget support of $27 million, would have allowed annual ongoing funding to support restoration of permanent volumes needed in campus on-site collections and established new electronic and alternative collections through the use of new technologies to expand campuses access to library services. The declining purchasing power of dollars allocated for libraries is an important factor that contributes to continued growth in library deficiencies. Based on California Department of Finance price letters, the purchasing power of CSU dollars budgeted for libraries has declined, on average, 6 percent annually.

The CSU Council of Library Directors estimated in 2005 that $13.5 million was needed to the base budget for libraries, to provide resources to keep volumes refreshed, and to secure new acquisitions on an annual cycle. The revised estimate of the amount needed is currently $14.6 million. In 2006/07, the CSU provided $2.5 million in permanent funds and $2.15 million in 2007/08 to continue to address this need. Since 2000/01, the CSU has provided $8.6 million to increase the permanent base support for libraries. Absent receipt of needed funding during fiscal year 2008/09, an increase in 2009/10 of $3 million in permanent support will enable expansion of systemwide programs for the Electronic Core Collection of bibliographic and full-text resources that are available to all CSU students and faculty. Additionally, these funds will support continued enhancement of online information searching and access tools as well as other systemwide projects designed to increase effective use of information resources.