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2009/10 Support Budget II

Uses of Revenue

Long-Term Need, $44 Million

Long-term budget needs have been a constant fiscal challenge for the CSU and include expenses that are too costly or have unfunded deficits that are too large to finance in a single budget year. The cost of keeping technology current, maintaining relevant library collections, reducing deferred maintenance, and funding instructional equipment replacement are examples of these types of core needs that require a multimillion-dollar annual commitment to begin to make up lost ground.

In past years, these multiyear commitments were funded as a separate component of the higher education partnership agreements, with 1 percent of the CSU's budget earmarked for this purpose. The current Compact calls for restoration of this 1 percent General Fund commitment in this budget year. The total budget investment necessary in 2009/10 to address long-term budget need reflects the continuing impact of permanent reductions in state General Fund appropriations to the CSU, such as the permanent base budget reductions that occurred during fiscal years 2001/02 through 2004/05.