2009/10 Support Budget II

Uses of Revenue

Energy Cost Increases, $12.2 Million

The 2009/10 budget plan currently includes $12.2 million to assist with increases in electricity, natural gas, and water/sewer rates occurring at campuses, which will cover the conservatively projected increases in 2009/10. This projection is reflective of the impact of the California Global Climate Solutions Act (AB 32) on utility general rates case filings that include the cost of new infrastructure necessary for compliance, as well as the sharp increases in both wholesale and retail energy supply. These two factors have resulted in utility rate increases exceeding 10 percent per year, and are forecasted to continue through 2012.

  Cost Increase CSU Funding Assistance
Electricity 10% $8,000,000
Natural Gas 10% $3,200,000
Water/Sewer 12% $1,000,000
Total CSU Funding Increase $12,200,000