2009/10 Support Budget II

Sources of Revenue

General Operations Increase, $116.5 Million

In 2009/10, the CSU budget is based on a 4 percent increase for general operations in accordance with the Compact agreement. Each year, the increase for general operating support is calculated using the prior-year General Fund appropriation adjusted for scheduled lease revenue bond payments.

For 2009/10, the 4 percent increase for general operations is calculated as follows:

2008/09 Final General Fund Budget 2,788,910,000
Lease Revenue Bond Payment   (56,999,000)
Total 2008/09 General Fund Base Budget $2,913,707,000
2009/10 4% Base Budget Increase $116,548,000

Also included in the 2009/10 general operation increase is a 4 percent increase ($124,000) for the Center for California Studies. The Centerís General Fund appropriation of $3.1 million is a stand-alone appropriation in the stateís annual budget bill and funds direct costs and administrative overhead expenses for the Assembly, Senate, Executive, and Judicial Fellows programs and the Centerís operations. The Center for California Studies is a state funded program within the CSU that promotes understanding of and effective participation in the political and policy processes that govern the State of California.

Core Academic Support Needs, $29.1 Million

In 2009/10, the Compact includes an additional 1 percent increase ($29,137,000) to the prior yearís base to address budgetary shortfalls in core areas critical to maintaining the quality of the CSU educational program. These areas include instructional equipment, instructional technology, and libraries, as well as recognition of ongoing deferred maintenance needs. The funding was not available in 2008/09 and is more necessary than ever in the 2009/10 budget to address structural deficiencies and strategic improvements in these critical areas.