2009/10 Support Budget I

Additional Budget Challenges

The CSU's annual support budget increase is primarily dedicated to serving new students and funding annual cost increases included in the Higher Education Compact. The Compact, however, does not provide funding for new and expanded initiatives to address pressing state needs and priorities neglected during years when state resources were insufficient to fully address education program requirements. The "above Compact" funding requested in the 2009/10 CSU Support Budget addresses the following state needs and priorities:

2009/10 Requests for Additional Budget Challenges
Program/Need Request ($Millions)
Clinical Nursing Support  $5.0
Algebra Readiness  $3.0
Special Education Teacher Preparation  $1.2
Additional One Percent Compensation Increase $31.5
Student Services for Success and Authentic Access $24.6
Increasing the Ratio of Tenure-Track Faculty $42.0
Applied Research and Services $16.0
Addressing Off-Campus Centers' Fixed Costs  $5.2
Deferred Maintenance (Beyond Compact) $25.0
Total Additional Budget Challenges $153.5