2009/10 Support Budget I

Support Budget Book I

Three students in cap and gown on graduation day.

The 2009/10 Support Budget for Board of Trustees' action on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 was developed in consultation with campus presidents and other university constituencies. The 2009/10 support budget identifies funding requirements within the framework of the Higher Education Compact and identifies CSU budgetary challenges for other needs above the Compact. The 2009/10 Support Budget recommended to the Board of Trustees, Governor, and legislature includes an increase of $302.5 million to the 2008/09 state General Fund appropriation and $38.7 million in State University Fee revenue from proposed 2009/10 enrollment growth for a total budget plan increase of $341.2 million. In addition, the budgetary challenges for other needs above the Compact is $270.2 million.