2008/09 Support Budget

Capital Fellows Programs, $1,855,000

The Center for California Studies operates as a public education, public service, and applied research office of CSU Sacramento devoted to promoting the understanding of California’s history, cultures, and public policies. As part of its public service responsibilities, the Center administers the nationally renowned Capital Fellows programs. The programs include the California Senate Fellows, the Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellows Program, the Executive Fellows Program, and the Judicial Fellows Program. Through these programs, 64 fellows are selected to spend a year working with the California legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government. Fellows receive a modest stipend and benefits in exchange for full-time professional work in state government. The fellows are enrolled as graduate students (12 units) at CSU Sacramento and participate in a carefully planned educational program built around their governmental experience.

The four Fellows programs provide the legislature, the executive branch and the state judiciary with individuals that have proven academic and professional achievements, knowledge of California government, and a strong commitment to both public and community service. Fellows serve an 11-month term, providing staff assistance in the state capitol offices of legislators and legislative committees; executive branch agencies, departments, boards, commissions, and constitutional offices; and the Judicial Council, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and consolidated county courts.

The direct costs of the Capital Fellows programs consist of stipends, benefits, and student fees for the 64 fellows. There are also operating expenditures associated with administering the program, calculated at 10 percent.

Participants in the four Fellows programs are enrolled as graduate students at CSU Sacramento, and the fellow’s program budgets have always included funds to pay required graduate student fees. Currently (for 2007/08 the enrollment fee for a full-time graduate student is $2,100.

The increase in the Capital Fellows category is the increase in cost of full-time graduate student fees.

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