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CSU Student Fee Waivers

Under current law, there are three state-mandated fee waiver programs: the California Veteran Waiver for children of disabled/deceased veterans (Education Code 66025.3), the Alan Pattee Waiver for dependents of deceased law enforcement or fire suppression personnel (Education Code 68120), and the fee waiver for California residents who were dependents of victims killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks (Education Code 68121). In addition to state-mandated fee waiver programs, other fee waiver programs have been established by CSU Board of Trustees policy, California statute, and collective bargaining agreements that include programs for high school students, California residents age 60 years and older, CSU employees and employee dependents, and graduate and teaching assistants.

The state has not provided General Fund support to fund CSU fee waiver programs since fiscal year 1992/93. However, the CSU has used a portion of funds from enrollment growth and fee increases to support the number of students eligible for state-mandated fee waivers.

2006/07 State University Fee Waivers
(Campus Reported, Annualized)

2006/07 State University Fee Waivers

  California Veteran Alan Pattee Employee & Dependents Other Discretionary Waivers HS Students in Special Programs
# of Waivers 4,652 265 2,508 1,161 5,517

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