2008/09 Support Budget


Teacher and student discussing coursework at a deskThe Compact primarily supports CSU general operations and enrollment growth. This allows the CSU to fund mandatory costs, compensation, enrollment growth, financial aid, and long-term need. However, the Compact allows additional funding to support high-priority needs of the university and the state. The governor and the legislature have provided “above Compact” funding for initiatives, including the expansion of CSU nursing programs and the production of more K-12 math and science teachers. The CSU currently recognizes $155.2 million in funding “above Compact” that will support initiatives that are a priority for the university in the 2008/09 fiscal year.

The additional funding requested in the 2008/09 budget, targets seven areas:

2008/09 Ongoing Budget Augmentation Requests

Program/Need Request ($Millions)
Additional 1 Percent Student Enrollment Growth (3,429 FTES) $27.5
Clinical Nursing Support $7.8
Teaching Performance Assessment $10.0
Student Services for Success and Authentic Access 24.6
One Percent Compensation $30.4
Applied Research $12.0
First-Year Implementation to Increase the Ratio of Tenured Faculty $42.9
Total Ongoing Funding Request $155.2

15.2 Detailed Budget Change Proposals (BCPs) describing each of these programs were submitted to the Department of Finance.

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