2007/08 Support Budget

Price Increases

The CSU uses price factors contained in annual budget letters issued by the Department of Finance to calculate the mandatory cost increase for inflation (growth in the costs of nonsalary operating expenses and equipment). This calculation yields a cost requirement that has typically exceeded the amount the CSU has been able to include in its budget plan due to the competing needs for limited revenue growth resources. The price increase calculation for 2007/08 totals approximately $16.1 million. However, funding for these costs contained in the following chart has not been proposed in the budget plan.

2005/06 Operating Expenditures & Equipment

  Actuals Percent Increase 2007/08
Price Increase
Books 6,784,039 1.00% $68,000
Subscriptions 10,047,693 2.10% 211,000
Serials 5,860,629 2.40% 141,000
Telephone 5,032,340    
Postage 9,044,774    
Travel 25,625,190    
Electricity 55,892,569    
Gas 16,031,553 18.80% 3,014,000
Oil 140,837    
Teale Data Center      
Medical Care      
Printing 150,958,058    
EOP Grants1 18,097,552    
Financial Aid1 251,374,107    
Instructional Equipment Replacement1 7,849,502    
Bonds Repayment1 65,512,681    
Unspecified Items2 362,172,628 3.50% 12,676,000
Totals 990,424,150   $16,110,000
Total, Applicable O.E. & E. 647,590,308   16,110,000
1 Not included in price increase calculation
2 Price increase for unspecified items is calculated using CPEC's Higher Education Price Index Factor

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Last Updated: January 25, 2007