2007/08 Support Budget

Enrollment Growth

Revenue Augmentation, $65,168,000

The 2007/08 budget plan includes a revenue augmentation of $65.2 million to support CSU budget plan expenditures. The requested augmentation is consistent with provisions included in the Compact. With no change in CSU fee rates included in the 2007/08 budget request, additional state funding is needed to address critical needs associated with CSU mandatory cost obligations and market-driven competitive salary requirements for recruitment and retention of professionally trained and highly skilled employees.

Following are the 2007/08 CSU State University Fee rates with no change from 2006/07:

CSU State University Fee (SUF) Rates

Student Level   Percent change
from prior year
SUF Rate
  Regular 0.0% $2,520
  Limited 0.0% $1,464
Credential Program Participants      
  Regular 0.0% $2,922
  Limited 0.0% $1,698
  Regular 0.0% $3,102
  Limited 0.0% $1,800

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