2007/08 Support Budget

2007/08 Budgetary Challenges


Information Technology Funding
($25 Million – One Time)

In 2005, the CSU conducted a comprehensive internal study to identify expenditures for all aspects of information technology to determine what funding shortfalls existed, particularly in the area of technologies to support the educational mission of the university. The study team identified four major categories of “unmet” information technology needs, whereby campuses were not able to achieve the minimum baseline standards for access and quality due to a lack of funding. The four major categories identified were: (1) baseline needs within the existing ITS framework (workstations, servers, technical support, and security); (2) new or emerging baseline needs (middleware, wireless networks, and SB 302 compliance); (3) core academic technology needs on the campuses today (Learning Management Systems, instructional design staff, smart classrooms, and electronic content); and (4) emerging academic technology needs stemming from the new systemwide initiatives. The $25 million requested in FY 2007/08 will focus on three areas where a one-time investment will have the highest potential to favorably impact the teaching and learning process, and where reduced spending has had the most negative impact. Specifically, the requested one-time funds will be used to refresh workstations ($11.2 million), refresh servers ($3.4 million), and install and upgrade “smart” classrooms ($10.4 million). These technology investments will help close the gap created by several years of systemic budget shortages.

Deferred Maintenance ($25 Million – One Time)

The facilities of the 23 campuses of the CSU plus the Office of the Chancellor constitute over 40 million gross square feet (GSF) of state-funded space and nearly 20 million GSF of nonstatefunded facilities. A substantial number of CSU facilities were built in the period from the late 1950s through the mid-1960s. As its capital facilities aged, the CSU began tracking deferred maintenance, replacement, and renewal costs in 1974. In 2006/07, the defined CSU systemwide deferred maintenance backlog was over $400 million.

This one-time funding request of $25 million will help the CSU address the outstanding deferred maintenance backlog and support the CSU’s commitment to increase its maintenance budgets to provide safe, functional, and efficiently operating buildings to serve its students, faculty, and staff.

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