2007/08 Support Budget

2007/08 Budgetary Challenges

CSU UNMET NEEDS ($832 million)

Lastly, in addition to the Compact funding need and other budgetary challenges identified in this budget, the CSU continues to recognize that there are priorities for the system that do not receive specific funding under the Compact. These items continue to be budget issues for the CSU in the 2007/08 budget cycle.

Cumulative support budget reductions between 2002/03 to 2004/05 of over $524 million made it impossible for the CSU to fund campus needs such as deferred maintenance, instructional equipment, and library inventories. In addition, faculty and staff went without pay increases, growing the total systemwide salary gap to nearly $330 million. Off-campus centers have continued to provide courses and services to parts of the California population that are not served by the 23 CSU main campuses, but they have not had an increase in base funding that would allow them to meet the fixed-cost requirements of growing student demand. Proper funding is still not available to meet the goals set out in the 2001 Assembly Concurrent Resolution 73 (ACR 73) to achieve the goal of 75 percent tenured/tenure-track faculty and 25 percent temporary faculty staffing. First-year implementation costs of $40 million would be required to make modest initial gains, followed by additional increases each year over an eight-year implementation to reach ACR 73 faculty staffing goals.

Instructional Equipment $43M
Libraries $11M
Deferred Maintenance (10-year annualized cost = $40.4M) $405M
Reducing the Salary Gap $328M
Off-Campus Centers $5M
ACR 73 $40M
Total Unmet Need $832M

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