2006/07 Support Budget

CSU Historical State University Fee Rates

The CSU systemwide undergraduate, full-time, State University Fee (SUF) per academic year has increased from $1,584 in 1996/97 to $2,724 in 2006/07. Prior to 2002/03, an increase in SUF had not occurred since 1994/95. Further, SUF reductions of 5 percent occurred in both 1998/99 (for undergraduates) and 1999/2000 (for all students).

The Higher Education Compact calls for undergraduate SUF increases of 8 percent in 2006/07 and up to 10 percent through 2010/11. The following graph shows the CSU State University Fee rate changes over the last 10 years.The State University Fee increases between 2002 and 2005 ocurred principally in response to reductions in state General Fund support to the CSU.

CSU Undergraduate, Academic Year, State University Fee Levels

*The 2002/03 fee rate is a blended rate that reflects a mid-year fee increase.

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