2006/07 Support Budget

Enrollment Growth, $52.6 Million

The 2006/07 budget plan includes enrollment growth of 2.5 percent or 8,306 full-time equivalent students (FTES). Based on this enrollment growth and the 2006/07 state marginal cost of $6,340 per FTES, the correlating General Fund increase is $52.6 million.

The Higher Education Compact calls for 2.5 percent annual enrollment growth at the CSU through fiscal year 2010/11.The level of growth is consistent with enrollment targets projected on the basis of numerous factors including review of the Department of Finance–Demographic Research Unit’s enrollment projections, consultation with campus presidents, and reviews of K-12 enrollment patterns. From 2005 through 2013, the Department of Finance projected enrollment demand for the CSU to increase by more than 96,000 students, with fall term headcounts growing from a projected 409,641 students to a 2013 headcount of 506,077 students.

The table at the bottom of the page illustrates funded versus actual FTES enrollment targets from 1996/97 through 2006/07:

Department of Finance - Fall Term Enrollment Projection

CSU Enrollment - Funded Targets Vs. Actual FTES

Based on the current Governor/CSU Higher Education Compact, CSU-funded enrollment growth will increase 2.5 percent each year through 2010/11.

The Compact serves as a floor from which the CSU can predictably plan enrollment growth.

CSU Enrollment Growth Under the Higher Education Compact

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