2004/05 Support Budget

2004/05 Support Budget Proposal

CSU 2004/05 Budget Plan Expenditure Request

“When policy makers are asked to identify the biggest issues in higher education, they often cite college costs and high tuitions or access for underserved students. But although those issues are important, resolving them will make little difference if college and universities don’t deliver high-quality education.”

William F. Massey, Professor Emeritus
Education and Business Administration
Stanford University

CSU’s pursuit of funding needed to preserve the quality and caliber of its educational programs appreciates the current status of fiscal forces shaping the State’s economy while acknowledging the tremendous importance Californians place on dedicating a majority of State resources towards academic instruction and graduates who fuel a welleducated, highly-skilled workforce. Financially, the State has endeavored to achieve these goals through a Statewide proposition that earmarks 40 percent of annual resources toward K-14 education, and for the past nine years on the basis of a Partnership Agreement with public higher education that focused on outcome-based accountability linked to funding commitments of specified percentage increases over prior year appropriations that support institutional operations and accommodate enrollment growth.

The CSU budget request for 2004/05 is based on the State’s commitment to the Partnership Agreement. It emphasizes funding required for mandatory cost obligations that must be satisfied regardless of the provision of new resources, and delineates the financial commitment the Partnership Agreement defines as the minimum level of support needed to maintain the quality of CSU’s educational programs. The 2004/05 request also identifies the resources that are needed to sustain and improve the caliber of CSU academic programs and the delivery of instruction, as well as increase the outreach activities that assist students in their academic preparation and progress to degree. Enrollment growth is based on projections of demand forecast by the Department of Finance. Compensation increases are requested to keep employee salaries at competitive levels for recruitment and retention.

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