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Univers type families

Univers and Garamond type families


Two type families, Univers and ITC Garamond, have been selected for use on print communications throughout the CSU identity program. These two type faces, a serif and a sans serif, allow flexibility while maintaining a consistent visual character within the whole range of communication materials. Consistent use of the recommended typography is necessary in order to achieve visual continuity and strengthen the CSU's brand presence.

The Univers and Garamond type families may be freely combined (with a maximum of two type faces in any sentence). The typeface color is generally black, brown or grey, or white (against a color or photographic background or a tonal value of the background color).

In marketing communications or advertising, either:

  • Use Garamond for headings and body text, and use Univers as a typographic accent in, for example, subheadings, page numbers and captions; or
  • Reverse the emphasis by using any version of Univers in the headings and text, and use ITC Garamond as a typographic accent.

See the Web Style Guide (.doc, 1.3MB) for specifics about typography on the Web.