Branding Standards Guide

Seal Guidelines for Use

Black Seal

PMS Warm
Gray 11
Gray Seal

PMS 873c
Gold Seal

PMS 8401C
Silver Seal
  • The seal can be downloaded from the resources area. It should not be redrawn, separated into component parts or modified in any way.

  • The seal can be rendered in a selection of colors
    from the CSU color palette. The color chosen
    for a particular publication should be coordinated
    with the color families suggested.
    It is properly rendered using the folowing
    colors only:
    • - Black or screen tint of black
    • - PMS Warm Gray 11
    • - Reversed out of a solid color

  • It can also be rendered using these special
    • - Metallic gold ink
    • - Metallic silver ink
    • - Blind embossed or engraved
    • - Foil-stamped in silver or gold with a matte finish

  • The seal should not be combined with
    another emblem or symbol.

  • The seal may be combined with the California
    State University name or other type, but
    type should not touch or be superimposed on it.

  • The minimum size for the seal is 3/4 inches in
Silver Seal with name
Seal guide