Branding Standards Guide

Print Media Guidelines

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High-quality illustrations, artwork or
diagrams can be used effectively to
illustrate concepts and ideas, or to help
set the tone of a message. The Chancellor's Office Communications Department has a
library of illustrations that have been
selected for their quality and consistency
with the CSU brand. Samples are shown
to the right.

Here are some basic guidelines for
preparing illustrations and graphic
elements for CSU communications:

  • Use colors from the CSU color palette.

  • Use variations of a single color to show
    differentiation, rather than a wide
    assortment of colors.

  • Do not use patterned fills such as
    cross-hatching—these can be

  • Consult with the Chancellor's Office
    Communications Department when using
    illustrations or graphic elements in order
    to achieve consistency with the
    illustrative style used by the CSU.
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