CFA Negotiations update

Formal Offer to California Faculty Association

November 20, 2006

Key Issue

CSU Offer


  • For 2006/07, a 4.0% increase has been offered from funds in the current budget year. Faculty will be eligible to receive the increase (from July 1, 2006) pending approval of the CSU offer.
  • If the Compact with the Governor is funded with an additional 1% augmentation, there will be a four year contract totaling 24.87% increase over 36-month period, with guaranteed funding for incentive/equity portion of the program in the last 3 years - approximately $14 million each year. For following years details include:
    • FY 2007/08 a 6.53% total compensation increase including 1% for merit
    • FY 2008/09 a 6.84% total compensation increase including 1% for merit
    • FY 2009/10 a 7.50% total compensation increase including 1% for merit
  • The actual value of the CSU offer during this period will be 27% once the annual increases in the CSU offer are compounded.

Faculty Early Retirement Program

  • CSU has offered a gradual reduction of the FERP be reduced from 5 years to 4 years in the final year of the contract to more accurately reflect utilization of this benefit.


  • CSU has offered that parking fees be increased over the last 3 years of the contract so as to catch up with student fee levels. This is similar to an agreement reached recently with the only other CSU union where parking fees are less than those paid by students.

Lecturer Rights

  • The offer retains the status quo on much of lecturer's right to work
  • Provides recall rights to 3-year lecturers who fail to gain a subsequent appointment
  • Ties the increased use of teaching associates to increase in number of faculty
  • Provides a percent of new and additional visiting professor appointments

Merit Program

  • There would be a pool of funds set aside to provide salary increases to:
    • Faculty after their third and sixth year reviews if they may have been subject to salary inequities in comparison with more recently hired faculty in their department
    • Full professors (and equivalent Lecturers) with salary increases every 3 years tied to post-tenure review (and lecturer evaluations)

Grievance Procedures

  • Would be consistent with the statutory requirements under Senate Bill 1212 that is now law. It requires tenured and probationary faculty to serve on committees to hear faculty contract grievances and discipline cases.
  • Retains limits on arbitrator's authority in retention, tenure and promotion cases, and
  • Resolves grievances whenever president agrees with the recommendations of the faculty review committee.

Outside Employment

  • Contract mandates that all faculty notify the administration of outside employment and that additional employment allowances maintain current status quo of 125%.

Union Reimbursable Leaves

  • Eliminate CSU reimbursement for the salaries of CFA president and political action committee chair.

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