California Higher Education Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Conference

Best Practices

San FranciscoSan Francisco State University

San Francisco State University’s Prevention Education Programs collaborate with Athletics to provide integrated and interactive ATOD and Sexual Assault prevention workshops with each athletic team. Professionals from the ATOD and the Sexual violence prevention programs engage athletes in discussions on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, harm reduction practices, stressors for athletes, the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, 911 Lifeline Legislation, Title IX information, bystander intervention, and other issues that arise during the discussion and are often team specific. The intent of the workshops is to provide information and strategies for reducing harmful behaviors. The workshops provide a safe place for each team to engage collaboratively with the professionals to develop strategies, sensitive to the individual team culture, that support healthy, lower risk behaviors among their teammates and as role models for other students on campus.

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